Review of Sleeper by Lexi Blake

When demon halflings start showing up dead after meeting with Daniel Donovan, King of the Vampires, things could go wrong really fast unless Kelsey Owens, the Nex Apparatus, figures out who’s killing them in the third Hunter story,Sleeper.Caught between the forces of heaven and hell, Kelsey may need to make a deal with a demon […]

Review of Gathering Storm by Victoria Danann

When Engel Storm, retired Knight of the Black Swan, gets lost in another dimension thanks to his father-in-law in Gathering Storm, his friends and family rally to find him. When his father-in-law, the Demon Deliverance, returns with the wrong Storm, they decide to use look-a-like Angel Storm to hide the fact that their Storm is missing. […]

Review of First Moon by Michelle Fox

When wildlife rehabilitation specialist Audrey Levine gets bitten by a wolf, she has no idea her life is about to change forever in First Moon.Nick, the werewolf who bit her, has plans to force Audrey to be his Mate and to create a Pack of his own. But Nick’s brother, Tao Black, intends to protect Audrey […]

Review of Accidental Sire by Molly Harper

In the newest Half Moon Hollow story, Accidental Sire,college student Meagan Keene is the unfortunately victim of a horrible Ultimate Frisbee accidental and can only be saved by being turned into a vampire. Ben Overby was just getting to know Meg when the unexpected happened. But now he’s the victim of his own accidental turning when […]

Review of Moves Like Jagger by Dakota Cassidy

When Vivienne Ross moved to Cedar Glen, she was just looking for a safe place to live as a cat shifter in the fourth Wolf Mates book, Moves Like Jagger.She certainly wasn’t expecting to meet hunky veterinarian Jagger Dubrov, who happened to catch her in her cat form and thought she was just a stray […]