Review of Chaos Choreography by Seanan McGuire

Verity Price has a chance to go back and give dance another shot when she’s called to do an All-Star season of Dance or Die in the fifth Incryptid novel, Chaos Choreography.But she won’t be going alone. Her husband Dominic and a group of Aeslin Mice will be with her. And when Verity realizes that […]

Review of Accidentally Ever After by Dakota Cassidy

Antonia Vitali has been hiding out in New Jersey from her mob ex-boyfriend when she runs into the girls from OOPS in Accidentally Ever After.An unfortunate wish turns into a wormhole in a dressing room and Toni is pulled into it after Nina, Marty, Wanda and zombie Carl. Now the five of them are in […]

Review of Mind Magic by Eileen Wilks

The red dragon Mika is missing at the start of the twelfth Novel of the Lupi, Mind Magic.Unit 12 FBI Agent Lily Yu is off on medical leave as a result of learning how to mindspeak with the dragons and she and her husband lupi Rule Turner are staying with her boss near Washington, DC. […]

Review of The Future Falls by Tanya Huff

  Charlie Gale’s life has been like a bad country western song lately and it’s about to get worse in the third book of the Enchantment Emporium series, The Future Falls.If it wasn’t bad enough that she and her thirteen years younger cousin Jack share an impossible love for each other, her Auntie Catherine has recently […]

Review of Some Were in Time by Robyn Peterman

All werewolf Essie McGee wants to worry about is getting married to her Mate Hank Wilson in the second Shift Happens story, Some Were in Time.But they have one last job to do for the WTF (Werewolf Treaty Federation) before they can get married. They need to find out if any of the council are […]