Review of The Thrill of the Haunt by E.J. Copperman

There’s nothing like a fun ghostly mystery. This time around, it’s the fifth Haunted Guesthouse Mystery, The Thrill of the Haunt.Guesthouse owner Alison Kerby is tired of being called the Ghost Lady around her town of Harbor Haven, New Jersey. She may promote her Guesthouse as being haunted, but she really doesn’t want people in […]

Review of Perilous Pranks by Joyce and Jim Lavene

I was so happy to find a Renaissance Faire Mystery novella, Perilous Pranks.Jessie Morton is now working full time at the Faire setting up a museum of Renaissance arts and crafts, but her luck has just run out. While checking on a prank she played on Wanda Le Fey, the village nurse, Jessie finds her […]

Review of High in Trial by Donna Ball

I really love the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery series. The seventh book, High in Trial,bring us secrets from Raine’s father’s past that threaten to destroy Raine’s happiness. Twenty years ago, a young man was convicted of a murder he claims he didn’t commit. Raine’s father was the judge on the case, but more than that, […]

Review of All That Glitters by Donna Ball

In a short Raine Stockton Dog Mystery, All That Glitters,Raine is preparing for her annual kennel Christmas party with the help of her boyfriend’s daughter Melanie. When Melanie finds an ornament with a baby picture of Raine’s dog Cisco with Santa on it, Raine tells her the story of how she ended up with Cisco and how […]

Review of Dead Suite by Wendy Roberts

The Ghost Dusters Mysteries are back! After the series was cancelled by the original publisher in 2009, I didn’t think we’d be seeing Sadie Novak again. I’m so happy she’s back in Dead Suite.Someone is killing hookers in Seattle’s swanky hotels. While Sadie isn’t too happy to be seeing the ghosts of their rotting corpses, she’s […]