Review of Underdead with a Vengeance by Liz Jasper

Earth science teacher Jo Gartner returns for the third installment in the Underdead mystery series, Underdead with a Vengeance.Jo thinks Will, the vampire who tried to change her, is dead, but she’s being stalked by his group, who seem to want revenge. Then there’s the new substitute science teacher, who’s been acting really strange. And when […]

Review of Home of the Brave by Donna Ball

I just love me a good Raine Stockton Dog Mystery, so I have very happy to find Home of the Brave.Raine is busy getting ready for Camp Bowser Wowser before the 4th of July and has a run in with the newest police officer on the force, a K-9 Unit. She’s excited to meet the dog, […]

Review of Inspector Specter by E.J. Copperman

Alison Kerby and her odd family of ghosts are back for the sixth Haunted Guesthouse Mystery, Inspector Specter.When Detective Lieutenant Anita McElone approaches Alison about helping investigate the death of her ex-partner Martin Ferry, Alison can’t help but be skeptical. McElone thinks she’s nuts, after all. But having met Ferry previously, she’s willing to give […]

Review of Bewitching Boots by Joyce and Jim Levine

The Renaissance Faire Village has a new craftsman in the seventh installment of the series, Bewitching Boots.Shoemaker Bill Warren is the first guest exhibit at Jessie Morton’s new Renaissance Museum and he’s immediately taken with Princess Isabelle. Isabelle dies after requesting Bill make her a new pair of dancing slippers, thrown from her balcony. Bill blames […]

Review of Dead Man Stalking by Karen Cantwell

Barbara Marr has returned for her fifth adventure in Dead Man Stalking.Although the murder itself is not what the story revolves around, Barbara still manages to find herself in trouble. While all of her family is away, the children with the two grandmothers and her husband Howard and friend Colt visiting a new client, Barbara […]