Review of Block Party by Stylo Fantome

The third Twin Estates story centers around building owner Liam Edenhoff, who’s still feeling the sting of losing Katya Tocci to his former business partner, Wulfric Stone. In Block Party,Liam finds himself suddenly attracted to Ayumi Nakada, Wulf’s right hand person, who is also doing Liam’s books for him. Ayumi wasn’t looking for anything serious […]

Review of Dragon Blood by Eileen Wilks

Lily Yu has been separated from her husband,┬álupi Rule Turner, after battling a demon prince in Dragon Blood.Both have ended up in the original Dragonhome, but are far from each other. Lily is held captive by the Dragon Spawn with her friend Cynna Weaver, while Rule is with Lily’s grandmother, Li Lei Yu, and the […]

Review of Lure of Oblivion by Suzanne Wright

Gwen Miller did the right thing when she stood up for a shifter who was attacked by humans, but now she’s being harassed by the accused and his family in Lure of Oblivion.When wolf shifter Zander Devlin comes to stay at Gwen’s family’s Bed and Breakfast for the reading of a will, he never imagined […]

Review of Master Bits & Mercenary Bites: Girls Night by Lexi Blake

Find out what happens after the stories end in Master Bits & Mercenary Bites: Girls Night.In one seemingly very long night, Phoebe and Jesse end up baby sitting on their anniversary, Charlotte and Ian find out their daughters will probably end up taking over the world, Karina and Derek go on a stake out in […]

Review of Millions by Pepper Winters

After being stolen off Elder Prest’s yacht by Q Mercer, Pimlico now needs to convince her rescuers that they took her from the wrong person in the final Dollar story, Millions.An injured Elder is furious and when he finally finds Pim, he’s looking for revenge. But an even more serious threat has him joining forces […]