Review of Rattling the Heat in Deadwood by Ann Charles

The heat is turned up high on Violet Parker in the newest Deadwood Humorous Mystery, Rattling the Heat in Deadwood.Detective Hawke is more determined than ever to pin a murder on Violet and if she can’t prove she’s innocent, she could end up in jail.┬áProving it won’t be that easy, but the truth could prove […]

Review of Mack by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Mackhas spent three thousand years living in his twin brother’s shadow, tormented by a curse that only lets him find peace when he kills. While the woman Mack was cursed for is reborn over and over again, King continues to kill her, even when Mack finds her first. King thinks he’s saving his brother more […]

Review of Delayed Departures by Terri Reid

A very pregnant Mary O’Reilly gets a surprise visit from a paranormal investigative team just after Thanksgiving in the eighteenth book, Delayed Departures.They want Mary to be part of their TV show, but when someone tries to kill one of them, Mary and her friends will do whatever it takes to help the man and […]

Review of Rituals by Kelley Armstrong

In the fifth and last Cainsville story, Rituals,Olivia Taylor-Jones, aka Eden Larsen, is finally learning about the deals that were made to cure her spina bifida and how there is a third group looking for her to cast her lot with them to ensure their continued livelihood. The Slaugh were the ones who cured her […]

Review of Kate’s Secret by Kallypso Masters

When Travis Cooper gets a visit from the ghost of his dead friend telling him he needs to go check on ex-girlfriend Kate Michaels, Travis goes in the second Bluegrass Spirits story, Kate’s Secret.Kate isn’t thrilled that Travis is back after thirteen years, but lets him stay on her horse ranch for a few days. […]