Review of A Grace Search by Wendy Roberts

Dowser Julie Hall has a tendency to find dead bodies and now she’s making a living at it in A Grave Search.When a mother asks Julie to find the body of her kidnapped and murdered daughter, she ends up finding the kidnapper instead. The man was someone she knew in school and she can’t imagine […]

Review of Cold Sight by Leslie A. Kelly

Psychic Aiden McConnell used to use his abilities to solve crimes with the Extrasensory Agents in Cold Sight.After a particularly bad case, he’s lying low in the town of Granville, GA, where a local girl goes missing and he starts having scents and auditory events related to her. Reporter Lexie Nolan has been tracking missing […]

Review of Sassy Ever After: Tamed by Bianca Sommerland

Panther shifter and enforcer Zaire Torva wasn’t looking for a mate, but that’s exactly what he found when he saw underground fighter Lathan Ferox near death in the ring and negotiated for his life in Sassy Ever After: Tamed.After the two form a bond, Lathan changes and manages to shift into a panther to protect […]

Review of A Grave Calling by Wendy Roberts

Julie Hall has an unusual talent. She can find dead bodies with her dowsing rods. In A Grave Calling,she’s asked by FBI Agent Garrett Pierce to help find a body of a missing girl in the hope that it will help save the lives of two others. When more girls disappear and the case heats […]

Review of Dragon Blood by Eileen Wilks

Lily Yu has been separated from her husband,┬álupi Rule Turner, after battling a demon prince in Dragon Blood.Both have ended up in the original Dragonhome, but are far from each other. Lily is held captive by the Dragon Spawn with her friend Cynna Weaver, while Rule is with Lily’s grandmother, Li Lei Yu, and the […]