Review of Home Improvement: Undead Edition edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner

There’s nothing like a good anthology and Home Improvement: Undead Editioncertainly qualifies as one. Here are some of my favorite stories. If I had a Hammer – Charlaine Harris: Sookie and Sam are helping her best friend Tara and her husband JB with a little home renovation when they discover an old blood covered hammer […]

Review of Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton

Well, hallelujah! Anita Blake is finally back! And by that, I don’t mean in her newest book, Hit List.I mean the Anita Blake of old, who didn’t spend all her time fucking anything that moved. For a while there, it had gotten so bad that I judged how unhappy I’d be with the book based […]

Review of Beneath the Dark Ice by Greig Beck

I think I’ve found a new action hero! Beneath the Dark Iceintroduces us to the Arcadian, Captain Alex Hunter, who was left for dead in Chechnya by a Russian assassin named Borshov. A bullet lodged in his brain has caused changes to his strength and reflexes, creating a kind of┬ásuper soldier who’s latest mission is […]

Review of Song of Kali by Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons can be kind of hit or miss for me. I either really love one of his books, or I don’t. Song of Kaliis a miss for me. Writer Robert Luczak has been asked to go to Calcutta, India by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. They want him to pick up a new manuscript from Indian […]

Review of The Wolfman by Nicholas Pekearo

I first heard about The Wolfmanin the summer of 2008. I found the story of the author’s death before it’s publication sad and was a little intrigued by the story, but not enough to pick it up at the time. When it finally came out in paperback, I decided to bite the bullet and buy […]