Review of Graveyard Shift by Casey Daniels

Pepper Martin just can’t seem to stay out of trouble in the latest book, Graveyard Shift.This time it’s Garden View Cemetery resident Eliot Ness asking for Pepper’s help finding his missing ashes. When the suspect is murdered and Pepper’s boyfriend Quinn, her boss and her mother all start acting strangely, things go from bad to […]

Review of Mack by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Mackhas spent three thousand years living in his twin brother’s shadow, tormented by a curse that only lets him find peace when he kills. While the woman Mack was cursed for is reborn over and over again, King continues to kill her, even when Mack finds her first. King thinks he’s saving his brother more […]

Review of Extinction Point by Paul Anthony Jones

When the red rain came, reporter Emily Baxter avoided coming in contact with it or it’s residue in Extinction Point.That’s probably the only thing that kept her alive when everyone around her in New York City died a violent death. But her nightmare has only started when the monsters start coming out and the world as […]

Review of King of Me by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Now that Mia Turner knows the truth about King, it’s time for her to decide if she wants to help him or save her brother in King of Me.But she still doesn’t know enough and her powers as a Seer of Light will send her back in time to learn the real truth of King’s […]

Review of King for a Day by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

After saving Mia Turner’s mother and brother, King has disappeared in King for a Day. After discovering his warehouse full of artifacts, Mia finds out that if King doesn’t keep his promises to the members of 10 Club, all of his possessions will become property of the club. That includes Mia and Mack, King’s pilot […]