Review of Baby Doll by Hollie Overton

Lily Riser was kidnapped and held captive for eight years in Baby Doll.When an unlocked door finally allows her and her six year old daughter Sky to escape, she finds out she was never far from home. But escape is only the beginning of her journey. Nothing in her life is the same anymore, not her mother, her twin sister or her former boyfriend. And the man who kidnapped her is now saying there are other girls. Can Lily help them before it’s too late and will she ever get her life back?

Lily is, above all other things, a survivor. She learned what she needed to know to keep herself and her daughter alive. She had even convinced her captor that she was happy and would never escape. Her sister, Abby, on the other hand, completely fell apart after Lily disappeared. I’m actually surprised she was able to go to school and get a job in a hospital. You’d think that’d be a big no-no for a former addict, given the access to drugs. There are some aspects of this story that fall a little flat, but overall it was a fascinating read. I found Sky’s reactions to freedom to be the most authentic. She’s only known one life and being taken away from it is very traumatic for her. I would be interested in reading more from this author in the future.

Review of Western Dreams by Kallypso Masters

For those needing a fix for the Rescue Me series, we have Western Dreams,a collection of short stories. Most of the stories center around Ryder Wilson and his bride Megan while they begin their new life together and figure out where they want to be in the world. We also get a visit with Luke Denton and his wife Cassie, who are enjoying the new house he built for her on her mountain.

It’s always fun to visit with characters from your favorite books and see what they’ve been up to. I enjoyed these stories, though I wish they could have all been a little longer. Or had more characters in them. But I’m a little pushy that way. I’ll admit that Ryder and Megan aren’t my favorite characters, but it’s still interesting to see how they handle their new life. I love Luke and Cassie, but we didn’t get enough of them. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too longer for the next story in the series.

Review of Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen

Audrey Kidder just wants to be a chef and own her own restaurant someday, but her restaurant group employer keeps giving her tasks she’s not really qualified for in the first True North story, Bittersweet.Their latest idea was to send her to Vermont to buy produce at half the price it’s worth. But her first stop turns up an old college fling, Griffin Shipley, who isn’t too happy to find her car in his ditch with a flat tire. Griff wants to get rid of her as quickly as possible, but it’s hard to ignore the chemistry they still have. Falling for a farmer in Vermont is not on Audrey’s five year plan and Griff doesn’t really have time for a girlfriend. But fate seems determined to put the two of them together.

I will admit that the fact this book takes place on a farm in Vermont is a big part of why I bought it. It was a great story. I think we can all relate to Griffin and Audrey on some level. Griff wanted to play football and ended up running the family farm when his father suddenly passed away. Audrey failed at a lot of things before figuring out she wanted to be a chef, the one things she’s really good at. Griff’s family is great and are so wonderful to Audrey, who never had anything like that growing up. This book makes me want to live on a farm, but I’ll make do with living in the wilds of New Hampshire for now.

Review of All The Little Liars by Charlaine Harris

Things are really looking up for Aurora Teagarden in the ninth book in the series, All the Little Liars.She’s gotten married to her boyfriend Robin Crusoe, she’s pregnant and her brother Phillip is living them. But just a couple weeks before Christmas, Phillip and three other kids vanish without a trace. Another girl is found dead from a hit and run at the last place the kids were thought to be headed. Roe is frantic with worry and she’ll do anything to get her brother back. Will the kids be found before it’s too late?

I’m so happy that Roe is back. Having the TV movies about Aurora Teagarden has helped rekindle interest in her story and it’s a boon for the rest of us. It takes up right after Poppy Done to Death.I’ll admit, it’s been awhile since I read that book, so I didn’t remember everything that had happened. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying this story. Roe hasn’t lost her interest in solving crimes and Robin is her perfect partner. He’s always supportive of her. I really like Phillip too. I can see him getting involved in Roe’s crime solving. I hope the series continues with more stories.

Review of Undead and Done by MaryJanice Davidson

Thanks to her former Antichrist sister, Laura, Queen Betsy Taylor is not just in charge of Hell, but she now has to deal with the vampires being outed in the fifteenth and last book, Undead and Done.Laura’s plan is that if people believe in Hell and the Devil, they’ll all become believers of God and be saved and she wants Betsy’s help. Betsy has no intention of helping her sister with anything since she’s a little busy doing the job Laura tricked her into and trying to improve the PR of the vampire community. She’s also starting a new parole program for Hell, meeting with the Windham werewolves, mermaid Fred Bimm and a contingent of vampires. Her plate is a little full. So when Laura comes up with a new plan to force Betsy’s hand, it could prove disastrous for Betsy and her family and friends. Will Betsy be able to save the day this time?

Betsy is finally finding her mojo and owning her life in this story. She’s always known what she really needs to do, but she’s pretended she didn’t because she really wasn’t ready. But she’s proved once and for all that not only is she Queen of the vampires, but she’s Queen of Hell as well. Her ideas might be unconventional, but that’s what makes them work. Getting Fred and the Windham werewolves in this story was great. I love the Windham daughter, Lara. She’s going to be kick-ass some day. While this is the last book in the series, I hope it won’t be the end of Betsy and gang. I would love for them to come back again eventually.