Review of Playing Hard to Master by Sparrow Beckett

Everly is a submissive brat who hasn’t been able to find the Dom who can handle her in Playing Hard to Master.Then she meets Ambrose when he comes into the salon she works at for a haircut. He’s a Dom who not only likes a challenge, he likes a bratty one. There’s only one problem. Everly doesn’t like rich people and Ambrose happens to be rich, but he hasn’t told her. Can a relationship started with a lie survive the truth?

I read the first book in this series some time ago, but once I started reading this one, I sort of remembered it and Ambrose. He’s such a sweet guy and he really means well. But he’s a guy and they don’t always do the smartest thing. Everly knows what she wants in a guy and Ambrose is her perfect fit. She’s kind of bratty and it makes him laugh. Then he punishes her. They really are adorable together. And I love his parents, who know about his lifestyle and are accepting of it. They just don’t want to talk about it with him, which is so cute. They don’t want those images in their heads. I look forward to the last book, To Have and to Master.

Review of Deadly Circumstances by Terri Reid

There’s a lot going on in the sixteenth Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery, Deadly Circumstances.Mary is approached by two ghosts who believe they were murdered and want Mary to help find out who killed them. Mary and Bradley go to his high school reunion and bring home an unwanted poltergeist. And an old friend of Bradley’s brought home something with him from the war in the Middle East. If that isn’t enough, she’s seven months pregnant. Just another normal day in Mary’s life.

Mary and Bradley are starting to butt heads when it comes to Mary’s chosen profession. Bradley is worried something will happen to her and the baby and Mary is worried that she won’t fulfill her promise to help the ghosts cross over. But I was glad this story had more mysteries for Mary to solve and wasn’t too bogged down in other things. I also enjoy when she interacts with the ghosts and this story had lots of that. Some of them even helped her with her research, which was kind of cool. I do wonder how the series will change once Mary has her baby, but I guess we’ll find out when that happens.

Review of The Mountain Man’s Dog by Gary Corbin

Forester Lehigh Carter just wants to live his life and not be bothered. But when he finds an injured dog on the side of the road all of that is about to end in The Mountain Man’s Dog.He ends up reconnecting with the Stacy McBride, girl who got away, at the veterinarian’s office and she tricks him into keeping the stray, even though he’s always been afraid dogs. She also tricks him back into her life, something that doesn’t sit well with her politician father or the man who raises his funds and wants to be Stacy’s husband. Suddenly, Lehigh’s life is imploding around him and if he’s not careful, it could end up costing him everything.

This was a fun story, though Lehigh isn’t exactly an exemplary pet parent. He’s constantly leaving the dog in his truck and losing her. Stacy has some serious past issues that we only scratch the surface of and I’m really not sure why she puts up with her father’s political career. She’s an adult, why does she still go to all of his dinners? Especially as it seems his cronies have no problems with groping her. If that were me, all that would have ended a long time ago. Either way, I’m looking forward to the second book, The Mountain Man’s Bride.

Review of Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs

The tenth Mercy Thompson novel, Silence Fallen,begins with Mercy being kidnapped by vampires and brought to Italy. It seems someone told them she was the most powerful person if the tri-cities, without telling them why. While it might be a little of who and what Mercy is, it’s more about who she knows. But Mercy being in Italy might be more than a coincidence. When she escapes on her own, she ends up in Prague, where she meets the Golem and gets involved in the local supernatural politics. Prague might never be the same after Mercy does what she’s good at; causing Chaos.

Mercy proves again that she doesn’t necessarily need Adam or his Pack to get herself into and out of a mess. Though she does still need a little external help at the end. And it’s not like you don’t get to have a little fun with Adam too. He does follow Mercy to Europe, along with an entourage of other supernatural beings. Mostly those people Mercy knows who make her powerful. Now she knows even more powerful people, potential new friends. This was a great adventure that showcased Mercy’s strengths and her sense of justice. It makes you wonder where she’ll take us next.

Review of The Darkening by Paul Antony Jones

When an ancient evil is released in the Middle East, Los Angeles becomes ground zero for the apocalypse in The Darkening.A fifteen year old girl, a disabled Army Veteran, a police detective and a mother looking for her daughter will all struggle to survive in this new reality, where vampire like creatures are taking over the city. While a storm floods Los Angeles and darkness prevails, the fate of humanity lies in their hands.

This was a great story with an unexpected ending, but I felt like the beginning really never had any real explanation. Were the vampires released as a form of terrorist attack on the US? What was the reason behind it? There’s never any closure for that part of the story. I enjoyed the characters and the path the story took. I will probably check out the authors other books at some point.