Review of Thousands by Pepper Winters

Elder Prest wasn’t expecting Pimlico, the girl he rescued from slavery, to walk away to save him, but that’s just what she did in the fourth Dollar story, Thousands.He thinks he can walk away from her as well, but soon finds his obsession with her won’t allow that to happen. As they come back together, it’s a battle of wills. Elder’s to stay as far away from Pim as possible in order to keep her safe from him. Pim’s to convince him that they can make a relationship work if he just trusts her as much as she trusts him. But will they find happiness just to lose it again to fate?

Pim is very obviously her mother’s daughter when she figures out the solution to fight Elder’s demons. Elder definitely doesn’t give her enough credit. She’s finally coming out of her shell and living and he just keeps putting the breaks on their relationship. So frustrating! Anyway, we get a nice visit with Jethro and Nila Hawk in this story, but we were expecting that based on comments in the last book. What we weren’t expecting was another surprise visitor at the end. I won’t tell you who, but let’s just say he really makes a mess of things. I can’t wait for Millions!

Review of Rituals by Kelley Armstrong

In the fifth and last Cainsville story, Rituals,Olivia Taylor-Jones, aka Eden Larsen, is finally learning about the deals that were made to cure her spina bifida and how there is a third group looking for her to cast her lot with them to ensure their continued livelihood. The Slaugh were the ones who cured her all those years ago, but their manipulations went farther back than anyone even realized. The Cwn Annwn and Tylwyth Teg were both culpable in their actions and will have to join together to help make things right. But ultimately, it’s Liv and her two men, Gabriel Walsh and Ricky Gallagher, who will need to find the truth and Liv will finally have to make her choice between the two and live with the consequences.

I was happy with how this story ended, but I’m going to really miss the characters. I hope we’ll get to see them all again some day. All of them will finally learn the full truth of what happened between the original Matilda, Gwynn and Arawn and what their eventual downfall was. It will help them avoid the same mistakes, though they’re already pretty well on their way to that anyway. It was good to see a different side of Gabriel, who is finally admitting he needs Liv in his life. We sort of always knew how Liv felt about him, but he was his own worst enemy when it came to how he reacted to it. I’m glad he finally overcame his upbringing to believe he was worthy of being loved by someone. I’m going to miss Cainsville, but I look forward to other stories from Kelley Armstrong.

Review of Kate’s Secret by Kallypso Masters

When Travis Cooper gets a visit from the ghost of his dead friend telling him he needs to go check on ex-girlfriend Kate Michaels, Travis goes in the second Bluegrass Spirits story, Kate’s Secret.Kate isn’t thrilled that Travis is back after thirteen years, but lets him stay on her horse ranch for a few days. But after spending time with Travis for a few days, Kate realizes she needs to tell Travis the truth about why she broke up with him thirteen years ago and nothing will be the same again.

I really liked this story, but I didn’t love it and I wanted to. I just felt like there were times that things got rehashed over and over. Like how Kate’s father would have felt about Travis serving in the military and how Travis felt about his friend Danny’s death. After a couple of times, it just feels like too much. She was also very specific about the brands of food that Kate eats for her Diabetes and I didn’t feel that was necessary. That should have been an after note for those who were curious. I do appreciate that her vision of the other side is very much like how I feel about it, so I really connected with that. And I genuinely liked the relationship between Travis and Kate and how they worked through their issues. I’m curious to see where the next book, Danny’s Return, will take us.

Review of King of Me by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Now that Mia Turner knows the truth about King, it’s time for her to decide if she wants to help him or save her brother in King of Me.But she still doesn’t know enough and her powers as a Seer of Light will send her back in time to learn the real truth of King’s past. Can Mia change the past to save the future? Or will she just make everything worse?

It’s about time we find out who Mack really is, though I already suspected. Turns out I was right. We also find out just how tortured and evil King actually got during his very long lifetime. That man has serious issues. And poor Mia, stuck in the past and not knowing if she’s doing the right thing or not, only to see more and find out her choices may not have been the best ones. Luckily, everything works out in the end. I’ll take a break before I read Mack,but I’m looking forward to it.

Review of King for a Day by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

After saving Mia Turner’s mother and brother, King has disappeared in King for a Day. After discovering his warehouse full of artifacts, Mia finds out that if King doesn’t keep his promises to the members of 10 Club, all of his possessions will become property of the club. That includes Mia and Mack, King’s pilot and friend. So Mack and Mia will need to make it seem like King is still around and fulfill his business agreements. But nothing goes as planned and Mia will end up exactly where she didn’t want to be, in the hands of King’s enemy.

So, turns out I was right about what’s going on, both of my theories. The first was that there was a little bit of Sixth Sense going on. Mia sees dead people, so it’s sage to assume that someone who other people don’t see if probably dead. Second was that there was a twin thing going on. King was a twin. I felt bad for Mia, who King continues to treat like a child and not keep her informed of what’s going on. So when she ruins his plans, he really only has himself to blame. What he does is genuinely cruel, so it’s not wonder she becomes cruel in response. I want to know what happens next so badly that I’m moving right on to King of Meimmediately.