Review of Over the Line by Sierra Cartwright

Sydney Wallace isn’t looking for anything permanent when she visits the Den in Over the Line.In fact, she avoids it so well that she’s got a reputation among the Doms there. But that doesn’t dissuade Master Michael Dayton from approaching her for a scene. After Sydney goes home with him, the two start seeing each other. But Sydney’s insecurities about BDSM relationships and Michael past relationship issues could be the end of what’s a good thing between the two of them.

I can see where Sydney would be intimidated by Michael. He’s really looking for 24/7 submission and Sydney can barely admit she’s actually submissive. She’s more of a masochist and she fears she’ll end up a door mat and have no life of her own. Good thing Michael likes her mouthy and opinionated, because it gives him a reason to punish her. Often. I liked this story a lot, but then, it had a goat and you can’t go wrong with one of those!

Review of Flash by Donna Ball

Two years ago, Police Officer Aggie Malone responded to a house alarm and found two dead bodies and ended up being shot herself. The only one who really knows what happened that night was a border collie puppy who Aggie later adopted and┬ánamed Flash.Now, the trial for Aggie’s alleged attacker is coming up and she’s starting to doubt what she remembers. As a storm approaches Dogleg Island, Aggie, her boyfriend Ryan and Flash will all find themselves tested. Will they survive to find out the truth of what happened the morning Aggie was shot?

I just love a good Donna Ball story, especially when you through in a dog. Parts of the story are told from Flash’s perspective, which is quite interesting. Aggie and Ryan are great characters too. Aggie is starting to suffer the effects of living with a bullet in her brain, having seizures and panic attacks. Ryan just wants to have a good life with Aggie. They’re very cute together. Add Flash into that mix and they make a perfect family. I can’t wait to read more in the series.

Review of Infidelity: Incentive by Pam Godwin

Decker Gabrielli has no job, no heat and no money to pay his back rent when he’s approached by Dr. Evan Daniels about working for Infidelity in Incentive.While Decker has no interest in working for the company, he’s interested in the $5,000 he’d get just for interviewing with them. Even so, he can’t pass up the opportunity it would give him to make the money he needs to start his life over. Then Decker finds out his contract is with movie star Laynee Somerset. Laynee wants to terminate their contact almost immediately when she finds out that Decker is an alpha male, but she’s stuck with him for a year. Laynee has serious issues from past relationships, but Decker may turn out to be just the man she needs to start healing.

This is one of the Fidelity World stories and I decided to pick it up since Pam Godwin is a favorite of mine. I wasn’t disappointed. Laynee lives in a world where she needs to be perfect all the time and at forty years old, it’s getting harder all the time. Decker is much younger, but he’s been through some horrible things with his former business partner. He wants Laynee to be stronger for herself, not her fans. But it almost backfires on him and ruins everything for them. The sex between them was hot and I liked that they didn’t make a big deal about the age difference between them. This was a fun look back at the Infidelity world.

Review of Tripped Out by Lorelei James

Stirling Grodsky and her brother Macon has taken advantage of new law allowing legal sales of marijuana in Colorado in Tripped Out.Stirling runs the day to day operations in their store, High Society, while Macon hired a microbiologist to create new lines of pleasure and medicinal pot. Dr. Liam Argent has butted heads with Stirling since day one. For the last ten months, they’ve spent their time playing pranks on each other and not getting along. But things are about to change for both of them as their attraction to each other finally heats up. Will the adversaries find they’re┬ánot so different from each other after all?

I’ll admit, I’ve never read a book that dealt with the legalization of pot and the business that arose from it. It was utterly fascinating. Who knew there was so many types of it. Stirling went from the good girl teenager to the pot smoking adult and she totally rocks it. Liam was involved with medicinal pot from a young age, so it’s not surprise that’s the direction he went as an adult. It’s very personal for him. They’re both kind of geeky and awkward and so charming together. I’m wondering who’s up next in the Blacktop Cowboys series.

Review of Jericho by Alex Gordon

Lauren Reardon is still recovering from finding out about her family history with the town of Gideon and the Children of Endor, a sect of witches who protect the ‘thin’ places. Now she’s been ‘called’ back to the Pacific Northwest and the lost town of Jerichoin the Oregon forest. Lauren suspects something isn’t right there from the beginning and that she’s been brought to Jericho under suspicious circumstances. But Lauren doesn’t back down from doing what’s right and the evil that lives in Jericho needs to be dealt with, even if it means a risk to her own life.

If there’s one thing I took away from this book, it’s Beezlebabies! What a great name for the little creatures Lauren encounters. Lauren spends quite a bit of this story in the dark and having to figure things out for herself, which is kind of rude on the part of the people she’s there with, some of who are on the mysterious council she kept hearing about. Eugene Kaster is an interesting character as well and I think we’ll see more of him in the future. He’s kind of a jerk in the beginning, but he grows on you as the story progresses and you get to know him better. I’m excited to see where this series will go in the future.