Review of Dawn of Eve by Pam Godwin

Dawn of Evehas a lot to live up to as the Daughter of Eve. Prophesied to save mankind, she’s fought the Hybrids tirelessly and worked to rescue the human women from imprisonment. But once she herself is captured and imprisoned, everything will change. Once she meets Salem, she starts to want the things she’s never allowed herself to feel. A relationship and someone to share her life with. What she finds instead is a long way from that childish notion and Dawn will need to accept her fate to save the world, just as her mother Evie did.

Okay, I’m going to say it. Salem is a real dick and you’re going to hate him for a while. He does things that are cruel and heartbreaking in their selfishness. But Dawn finds her true strength by living through all those hardships, sort of like her mother before her. She’s a force to be reckoned with. Of course, we get to see her three fathers along the way and it was good to see how they’re doing twenty years after losing Evie. They all love their daughter fiercely and it’s hard for them to let her go and fulfill her destiny. This was a fitting conclusion to the series, even if I am still a little pissed at Salem.

Review of Blood of Eve by Pam Godwin

Two years after the aphid plague started, Eve sets out to help the women who are still left, those who turned into a nymphs, but never bit anyone in Blood of Eve.Those women can return to human with Eve’s blood and they in turn will be able to help other women. But things will never be that simple for Eve. Her guardian, Michio, has started changing and he leaves her for fear of harming her. Then she finds out The Drone is still alive and she knows he’ll come for her. Jesse and Roark will help her build an army to help in the fight, but The Drone has also been busy building his own and it’s possible the prophecy about Eve’s death will finally come true.

I enjoyed this story, but the time frame inconsistencies drove me a little crazy. Eve goes from being four weeks pregnant to still being four weeks pregnant a few weeks later. Then from having a month left to her pregnancy to having two. It was distracting. I really liked the relationship that develops between the three men. And can I just say, I love Darwin? Eve’s dog is pretty amazing. The ending is pretty sad, but you expect that long before you get there. Next up will be Dawn of Eve.

Review of Heart of Eve by Pam Godwin

As a companion to the Eve Trilogy, Heart of Eveis told from Father Roark Molony’s point of view and takes place during the events in the underground bunker in Dead of Eve.It’s a deep look into the heart of the man who is trying to remain celibate and true to his faith in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s not an easy thing while living with Evie, a woman who is highly sexual and craves affection. And when he breaks his vow, it’s a hard thing to come back from.

In theory, this could be read before the first book in the series, but I feel like it’s better read between books one and two. You already know the characters and you understand how completely desolate their world has become. I’m working on book two, Blood of Eve,right now, so we’ll be talking about it soon.

Review of Dead of Eve by Pam Godwin

Eveline Delina and her husband Joel watched their two children die from a plague in Dead of Eve.As Evie recovers from her grief, she finds out that she might be the only woman left alive and the world is overrun with ‘aphids’, those who are infected. After Joel is taken from her as well, Evie has to find a way to survive a world where most men want to possess her and one very crazy one wants to use her to create the world in his image. Along the way, Evie will find three protectors, men who would die to keep her alive. Does Evie carry the cure inside her body or is the human race doomed to die out?

Evie is a kick-ass warrior, but she’s also a woman suffering from a broken heart. It’s the three men she encounters who help renew her faith and help her heal. The Lakota and his companions show her that there are still men out there who won’t treat her like something to own. And he keeps turning up just when she needs him. The Priest helps heal her emotionally and gives her the affection she needs. The Doctor keeps her alive when all she wants to do is die. While the men may clash, they all have one goal. To protect Evie. I really enjoyed this story. So much so that I’m already reading book two because I needed to know what happened with Evie and her men.

Review of Missing by Kelley Armstrong

Winter Crane didn’t think there was anything unusual about all of the young people who had left Reeve’s End as soon as they graduated High School in Missing.Her own sister had done so and she was planning to leave too. But after she saves Lennon Bishop wild dogs, she starts to question everything she thought she knew. When Lennon goes missing as well and his brother Jude shows up looking for him, the two will work together to solve the mystery of what happened to Lennon and missing teens of Reeve’s End.

This was an enjoyable story. Not a lot of depth, but I wasn’t expecting that from this story. Winter is very self-reliant and does a good job of taking care of herself. Jude has a lot of secrets, as does his brother Lennon. But Jude does reveal his secrets to Winter and it helps them solve the mystery. If Lennon has been as forthcoming, they might have figured it all out sooner. I was happy with the ending and how it all worked out.