Review of This Fallen Prey by Kelley Armstrong

Rockton is about to get an unwelcome guest in the latest Casey Duncan novel, This Fallen Prey.When the potential serial killer arrives, they have no way to keep him locked up on a long term basis and feel he’s a threat to the innocent people of Rockton. Once the man escapes with a hostage, it’s a race against time to catch him before he takes a life. But as the bodies start piling up, it’s looking like the man’s insistence he’s being framed by his step father is a lie. Will Casey and her boyfriend Eric Dalton be able to catch the killer before it’s too late?

Casey and Eric are put in an untenable situation by the Rockton council when they send this man to them with no warning. All the council is concerned about is money, while Casey and Eric care about the safety of their town. It makes for a thrilling, nail biting adventure, especially once they start to doubt who they can trust. And the truth at the end is brutal. I definitely enjoyed that we saw a little more Eric’s brother Jacob in this story. He’s so socially awkward, but he’s got great instincts about people. What will happen next with the citizen’s of Rockton? Can’t wait to find out!

Review of Devastate by Pam Godwin

Ex-slave Tate Vades has been in love with Camila Dias since he met her, but she’s with the love of her life now. In Devastate,he’s on the hunt for Camila’s lost sister, Lucia, who has been missing and presumed dead for eleven years. With the help of a professional, Lucia is located in Venezuela, but she’s involved with a local crime lord, her every move monitored. With former kidnapper Van Quiso along as backup, Tate will do anything he needs to in order to see and talk to Lucia. What he doesn’t expect to find is that she’s sick and possibly dying. Can Tate free Lucia from her prison of circumstance or will he pay the ultimate price for trying?

I wasn’t expecting to find Cole Hartman in this story and didn’t even realize who he was at first. But how can you forget poor Cole from the Tangles Lies series? He’s the one who finds Lucia for Tate, but it’s Van who volunteers to go with Tate, risking his own life to make amends. Tate is a little crazy to attempt this rescue in the first place, but he ends up falling for Lucia and will do anything to free her. And when I say anything, it’s pretty f*cked up the lengths he’ll go to. Tate and Lucia are made for each other. He thought he loved Camila, but it’s Lucia he’ll risk everything for. I’m hoping Cole will finally find his HEA in the next book, where he goes in search of another missing ex-slave, Kate.

Review of Evil Games by Angela Marsons

Detective Inspector Kim Stone returns in her second outing, Evil Games.While dealing with a horrific case of child abuse, Kim and her team also are also confronted by the murder of man by his rape victim after he’s released from prison. When another murder soon follows, Kim starts to become suspicious of the person who connects the crimes. Can Kim survive her most challenging case yet unscathed?

Kim is just so damaged that it’s amazing she can survive what she has to go through in this story. But she does it with strength and determination. I was very impressed that she actually adopted a dog in this book, especially after her partner Bryant did in the last one. Kim and her new nemesis after very reminiscent of Chelsea Cain’s Archie Sheriden and Gretchen Lowell, but without the sexual aspect. I feel like Kim still has a long way to go with her personal life, but I’m still loving her so far.


Review of A Grace Search by Wendy Roberts

Dowser Julie Hall has a tendency to find dead bodies and now she’s making a living at it in A Grave Search.When a mother asks Julie to find the body of her kidnapped and murdered daughter, she ends up finding the kidnapper instead. The man was someone she knew in school and she can’t imagine him killing anyone. But her continued search may turn up more than a dead body this time.

I liked that Julie and FBI boyfriend Garrett are still together, even if he is overly protective of her. Julie makes a new friend too, while finally dealing with an old one. Hopefully she’ll turn out to be a better friend than Katie was. While she makes great strides to overcome her past, Julie is still affected by the things that happened to her as a child and some voices are hard to silence. This was another great story and I can’t wait for more in the series.

Review of Cold Sight by Leslie A. Kelly

Psychic Aiden McConnell used to use his abilities to solve crimes with the Extrasensory Agents in Cold Sight.After a particularly bad case, he’s lying low in the town of Granville, GA, where a local girl goes missing and he starts having scents and auditory events related to her. Reporter Lexie Nolan has been tracking missing girls in Granville for some time now, but the police have shut down her investigation. With her boss’s encouragement, she seeks out Aiden, who initially wants nothing to do with the case. Then he realizes how he knows the latest girl and decides to enlist the help of his former co-workers in the effort to find her before it’s too late.

I really enjoyed this story. Aiden is understandably hesitant about getting involved in any investigation again after his last case where all the clues seemed to be wrong and a child died. It’s why he’s also hesitant to help out Lexie, since the press vilified him. But Lexie isn’t like those reporters and he finds himself attracted to her. Together, the two of them do a great job of hunting down the killer and uncovering the truth of what’s been going on in Granville for generations. The series seems to cover a different member of the Agents with each story, but hopefully we’ll get to see Aiden and Lexie again in the future.