Review of Donovan by Glenna Sinclair

When Kate Thompson barely avoids being murdered one night after work, her father hires Gray Wolf Security to protect her. Specifically DonovanPritchard, who was the best friend of Kate’s dead brother. Kate still blames Donovan for Joshua’s death and wants nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, she has no choice in the matter. But as things get more dangerous, the two are drawn together again, rekindling the romance they started in high school. Can Donovan keep Kate alive long enough to find out who’s trying to kill her?

This was a good story, but it was bogged down by incorrect words and odd assumptions. The one that comes to mind immediately is the description of Donavan’s house being very cramped at just under 1000 square feet, with only one bedroom and one bathroom. I live in a house that’s under 1000 square feet and it has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room and it’s not cramped. I just felt like this could have used a few good proof readers to ask the obvious questions and fix the mistakes. I was also bothered by the fact that Kate knew what had really happened the night of her brother’s death and still blamed Donovan all these years later. I’ll eventually get around to reading the rest of the books in this series, but it might be a while.

Review of Claim by Sierra Cartwright

Submissive Makenzie Farrell isn’t interested in another series relationship after her divorce in the seconds Bonds book, Claim.She was pretty sure Dominant businessman Kennedy Aldrich knew that before they scened together. But Kennedy is determined to keep her and prove to her that he won’t break her trust like other men in her life have. Unfortunately, that attitude could cause Mackenzie to run and Kennedy will have to rethink his strategy is he wants to claim her.

I think most women can appreciate where Mackenzie was coming from in her view of wanting to remain single. When someone really hurts you, it can be hard to put yourself back out there emotionally. And Kennedy does have a public reputation of having lots of women and being a player. But the truth is usually not quite what you think it really is. I think I would have liked to have known more about Mackenzie’s family, since you do get to meet all of Kennedy’s. I liked the chemistry between them and the BDSM scenes were pretty hot. All in all, these was a great read.

Review of Keystone by Luke Talbot

When Gail Turner got the chance of a lifetime to go on an archeological dig in Egypt, she never expected to make a discovery that would change everything we knew about Queen Nefertiti in Keystone.The discovery, knows as the Library of Amarna, also brought with it the mystery of a glyph known as the Amarna Stickman, something never before seen in Egyptology. Unknown to Gail, a man named Seth Mallus has also been looking in to the Stickman for much longer and has set plans in motion that will reverberate around the planet and to a manned mission to Mars, where more mysteries are discovered. What is the Stickman and what does it mean for the future of civilization as we know it?

As crazy as this story is, jumping from an archaeological dig to a mission to Mars, it had me until just before the VERY end. And they it all went catawampus and lost me. I was sort of disappointed by the revelation of what the Stickman really was and what it represented. But I loved the thought of another civilization that had been on Earth long before us leaving behind these clues of what had happened to them. There were also some loose ends that I felt were left unfinished at the end. We know Seth is still around, but then nothing else really. And what happened to the lone astronaut left from the Mars mission? Did she perish on the planet? Did she try to return home? We also don’t fine out what the title, Keystone, really means until the author’s note at the end of the book. I would think you’d want to enlighten us before then. But don’t let my issues keep you from reading what is an otherwise great adventure story.

Review of Sleep Like a Baby by Charlaine Harris

Motherhood is proving to be a new adventure for Aurora Teagarden in the tenth book, Sleep Like a Baby.Until she comes down with the flu when her husband Robin has to go out of town to an awards banquet. He hires Virginia to help out at night, but Virginia disappears while Roe and her brother are sleeping and they find a dead body in the backyard who isn’t Virginia. Instead, she’s Robin’s former stalker, who also once attempted to kill Roe and no one informed them she had escaped from the mental ward while awaiting trial. So now Roe has two mysteries to solve. Who killed the woman in their yard and where did Virginia go?

I just love that Roe and Robin are back with more stories. And now they have little baby Sophie to add to the mix, which brings Roe’s relationship with life in general to a whole different level. She would do anything to protect her child. I like how her brother Phillip’s character is progressing. He’s turning into a nice young man. I really liked this story and I can’t wait for more in the series.

Review of The Ten Club by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

King is back and he’s not the same man who sacrificed himself to save his brother Mack in the fifth book in the series, The Ten Club.Mack’s plan is to kill the new evil King, but first King’s wife Mia wants some answers of her own and she’s willing to play a dangerous game with King to get them. When everything goes sideways, Mia and Teddi Valentine end up travelling to the past to try and make things right. But even that King wants nothing to do with Mia and this time she could end up losing everything.

What a crazy ending to this series. I don’t know what to say without giving away too much. Evil King is a real asshole, even once he realizes who Mia was to old King. She’s simply a means to an end for him and she won’t be safe unless he’s dead. I have mixed feelings about what happens at the end. With Mack and Teddi. With Mia and King. Neither situation left me completely satisfied, but it was a good ride to get there.