Review of The World Beneath by Rebecca Cantrell

Meet Joe Tesla. A software millionaire who now lives in a Victorian house build beneath Grand Central Station in NYC with his service dog Edison because he suffers from a recent case of agoraphobia in The World Beneath.When Joe and Edison stumble upon a man breaking down a wall that hides a 1940s Presidential train car, Joe knows he wants to know more about it. But when he returns, he finds the man dead and now the killer is after him, looking for the papers the man had before he was murdered. Now, Joe is being hunted by a killer and the police. Trapped underground and inside by his agoraphobia, Joe will use the resources he has at his disposal to find out why the man was killed and why he’s now a target himself.

Joe and Edison are a great team and I love the idea of the home built beneath Grand Central. Wouldn’t that be cool if it was real? It is amazing how so many locations are connected to the train station. While Joe is restricted to the location, there are so many places he can go inside there that he had access to all he needs. The only thing he can’t do it take Edison outside, so he has a dog walker for that. Joe is also related to inventor Nikola Tesla and I’d love to know more about that. It looks like we might in the second book, The Tesla Legacy,which I will be reading next.

Review of Ruthless by Lexi Blake

The Lawless siblings are finally ready to start their quest for revenge in Ruthless.The people behind their parent’s murders twenty years ago need to pay for their sins. But one of the men is now dead and his daughter runs the company that was built with their father’s software. While they don’t want to take down Ellie Stratton specifically, they don’t care if she gets hurt by their actions. That is until Riley Lawless goes to work for her as the lawyer assisting with the buyout of the other partner in StratCast. That partner is Steven Castalano, one of the other people involved in the murders. While Riley’s siblings work to take down Castalano, he finds himself falling in love with Ellie. But when she gets arrested for embezzling and sabotage, the Lawless siblings only have themselves to blame for not seeing that their target had been planning this all along. Will Riley give up his quest for revenge to save Ellie instead?

We first met the Lawless siblings in the Masters and Mercenaries series, where their sister Mia is married to Case Taggart and helped him get his brother Theo back. Mia and Case are on hand for part of the story, as are Drew and Bran Lawless. But this story is really about Riley and Ellie. Ellie has been hurt before by the people in her life, so when she finds out Riley was using her to get inside her company, she’s none too happy about it and doesn’t want to see him ever again. But she needs the Lawless siblings to help get her out of the mess she finds herself in and Riley is determined to take that opportunity to prove he really wants Ellie and that he loves her. I can’t wait for Bran’s story in the next Lawless novel, Satisfaction.

Review of Betrayals by Kelley Armstrong

When someone tries to frame Ricky for murder, Olivia and Gabriel are quick to come to his defense in the fourth Cainsville novel, Betrayals.Not only do they need to find out why someone is trying to frame him, but who the real murderer is. When they find links to The Hunt, Ricky will need to step in and take a larger role than he has in the past. Will this bind the three friends closer together or will a betrayal tear them farther apart?

We keep learning more about Olivia, Gabriel and Ricky and their roles as Matilda, Gwynn and Arawn. Olivia still has a hard choice to make and is feeling pressure from both the Cwn Annwn and Tylweth Teg. While he relationship with Ricky is better than ever, her relationship with Gabriel is still strained as he doesn’t want to acknowledge that there is anything between them at all. While he does make an attempt to mend what he broke, he’s still horrible at showing any type of emotion and tends to muck it up more than help. But one thing is always certain. Gabriel will always know when Olivia is in trouble and will do anything to keep her safe from harm. I’ll be curious to see how it all turns out in the next book, Rituals.

Review of Cowboy Untamed by Vicki Lewis Thompson

In the seventh Thunder Mountain Brotherhood story, Cowboy Untamed,found material sculptor Grady Magee agrees to participate in a fundraiser without even knowing what the funds are for. All he cares is that potter Sapphire Ferguson asked him to do it and he would do anything to get to know her better. But Sapphire hasn’t had the best experience dating other artists and she’s determined not to get too close to Grady. When a stray cat brings them closer together, she can’t resist the sexual chemistry between them. But will Sapphire be able to let Grady into her heart?

This is another story of someone who doesn’t want a relationship and thinks they can just have sex without getting any more involved. It seems like most of the Thunder Mountain stories go that way, but then the characters realize they can’t live without each other. That’s not new here either. But I did like the environment the story takes place in and how Grady shows true attention to his art. Then there’s Gandalf the cat who likes to get into the shower with Grady. That’s just too funny. This was a nice read and adds to the series as a whole, but it’s not really breaking any new ground with the formula.

Review of Urban Allies edited by Joseph Nassise

There’s nothing like getting to visit with some favorite characters outside of their series and we get just that in Urban Allies. Let’s talk about my favorite stories.

Tailed by Seanan McGuire and Kelley Armstrong – What happens when Verity Price and Elena Michaels happen to be in the same place at the same time? Since Elena is on a school field trip with her children, her main concern is protecting them, while Verity is more concerned with protecting a local incryptid species from a poacher. Luckily, their purposes overlap and together they take down the man who is trapping the incryptid wildlife.

I loved Verity and Elena together in this story. Of course, the twins do their best to steal the show.

Takes All Kinds by Diana Rowland and Carrie Vaughn – When Kitty Norville and her husband Ben are on a trip to New Orleans for a conference, the last thing they expect is to meet a zombie named Angel who works for the local coroner. Of course, they weren’t expecting to drive up on a burning body in a car fire either. Once Kitty and Angel get over being suspicious of each other, they work together to find out who the killer is.

It’s kind of like a bad joke. A werewolf and a zombie meet on a deserted highway… But the reality is a really cool story.

Blood For Blood by Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden – When Peter Octavian ends up captive in Farie, he gets help from vampire Dahlia in escaping. But the two are looking for the same man. Can they work together long enough to both get what they want?

It’s been ages since I read a Peter Octavian story, so I didn’t know he was no longer a vampire. But this was an interesting story that brought us to Sookie Stackhouse’s backyard. Literally.

Spite House by C.E. Murphy and Kat Richardson – When Harper Blaine and Joanne Walker end up with the same haunted house, it’s quickly obvious they aren’t from the same version of Seattle. But they’ll work together to help two sisters get over their feud and move on so they can be together in the after-life.

Since both of their stories have ended, it was great to visit with Harper and Joanne again and see where they are after the last book ends. I just wish their men had come along for the ride.