Review of With Visions of Red by Trisha Wolfe

Profiler Sadie Bonds knows all about killers from a personal experience that happened when she was a teenager in Visions of Red.Now, she’s hunting a serial killer with BDSM overtones. When Sadie first meets Shibari expert and ropes rigger Colton Reed, she considers him a suspect. While Colton has a secret he wants to stay that way, it’s not the one she thinks it is. Amid distrust within the police department and a killer who seems fixated on her, Sadie will find her redemption and her possible downfall.

I decided to review all three books together since they tell a full story and don’t really stand on their own. I liked Sadie’s character. She’s damaged and struggling, but she’s got a strength that can’t be denied. Colton is damaged too in his own way. He’s permanently scarred by something that happened to him and it inadvertently connects him to Sadie’s current case. But Colton is also the one person who can help Sadie find her way free of her of her own tragic past and in doing so, free himself as well. She finds security in Shibari and he finds his perfect match. It’s very poetic in it’s own way and that’s what makes it a good story. I liked how the story turned out at the end and I’ll eventually read the companion series that goes along with it.

Review of Hybrid by Michael Esola

Back home in San Francisco, Bick Downs has been asked to join the Society of Cryptozoological Agents by John Corstine in Hybrid.His first case involves catching a eusmilus, a type of saber-toothed cat thought to be long extinct. Two of Bick’s friends have also been asked to join the S.C.A. and with two other team members, they manage to complete their first mission. But their second case will be far more dangerous as they hunt a hybrid creature the likes of which the world hasn’t seen before.

So, John Corstine has gone from being the bad guy in Prehistoric,to being a good guy in this story. That’s a little bit of a stretch, but it does explain why his son Jeremiah shows up to rescue them in the first book, since he’s also a member of the S.C.A. As for Bick, I’m still not quite buying him as an action hero type. His character still has no real depth and I’m still waiting to find out what’s up with his name. Is Bick a nickname? A family name? Short for something? I know that’s nitpicking, but it would help round out the character a little to know more about him. The final thing I have trouble with is the realtor towards the end. Not only does this woman end up helping them out, but they let her go on her way without even the mention of signing some kind of NDA to keep her from talking about what she saw, yet they’re worried about leaving behind the darts from their dart guns and leaving no trace behind. It just doesn’t sense. Once again, this was a good idea, but the execution left something to be desired.

Review of Perfect Victim by Kelley Armstrong

Tyrone Cypher has come to Nadia Stafford and her boyfriend Jack with a job in Perfect Victim.He wants them to protect an innocent woman in Hawaii who someone is trying to kill. They suspect one of lawyer Angela Kamaka’s clients is murdering their way through court employees and someone has already taken a shot at her. Nadia and Jack will have to find a way to protect Angela while trying to figure out who the killer is.

I wish there were more Nadia Stafford books. I’ve always liked these characters and I want to know more about them, so whenever there’s a new opportunity to, I’m there. I like Jack and Nadia’s dynamic, though they still have some communication issues they need to work on. They’ve always worked well together, each having their own strengths. Seeing Tyrone Cypher out of his element was a little fun too. It gets you in the mood for the next Rockton story, This Fallen Prey.

Review of Written Off by E.J. Copperman

Author Rachel Goldman writes mysteries for a living. The last thing she expects is to become involved in one herself in Written Off.When a man claiming to be Duffy Madison, her fictional detective, calls and wants her helps finding a missing woman, Rachel thinks he’s crazy. Duffy is looking in to the disappearance of another mystery writer and she’s not the first victim. Not long after, Rachel gets a threatening email herself and she doesn’t have much choice but to help Duffy find the killer before she’s next. But can she trust Duffy and is she crazy if she does?

This was a great story. While Duffy himself thinks it’s possible he came in to being when she started writing him, Rachel thinks there’s more to it than that. And when she brings that up to him, he doesn’t get it at all, which is hilarious. It is very ironic though that she can predict how he’ll act or what he’ll say and how he thinks of the crimes. I’m not sure what to make of the whole thing, but I’m sure we’ll find out eventually as the series progresses. Duffy himself is a little one dimensional, but that’s on purpose. He’s not a well rounded person because he doesn’t remember anything before four years ago and he only knows what she’s written about him. Like the fact that he doesn’t have any friends. At all. Even crazy people have at least one friend. Rachel has an assistant who is a computer whiz, which comes in handy trying to figure out who Duffy really is. But there are some odd things they do find, which only adds to the insanity of it all. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s really going on.

Review of Pawn by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Now that Stephanie Fitzgerald has tricked Mr. Rook into letting her stay on his island, she’s still determined to get to the truth of her sister’s death in Pawn.While she’s no too sure about her new role on the island, she knows that she has to play his game if she’s going to get answers. But Rook is a temptation Stephanie has a hard time resisting and the answers she finds may not be what she expects.

This story gets more twisty as it goes on. You think you have a hand on what’s really going on just to find out you’re wrong and so is Stephanie. Rook continues to be something of an enigma, even when you think you’re finding out  more about him. We find out more about his curse and the island, which is all very tragic. But Stephanie might have more to worry about that just what happened to her sister. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.